Friday, March 7, 2014

Bertha's teapots

"Bertha's teapots"  Mixed media Watercolor on gatorfoam board worked into with soft pastels

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Two Harbors, MN Library Mural Project- The process

 The finished mural
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 Attaching the fused glass Luna moths

 My ceramic crows & cast glass ferns
 Finishing touches

 Fused glass Luna moths with Nancy Miller's mosaic glass panels
 Putting the "Lady of the Library" into place.
 The finished project features: agate/glass mosaic panels made by Nancy Miller, my ceramic crows, fused glass Luna moths, rusted metal frame and leaves, painted figure and background, the Two Harbors # 3 Train, the Two Harbors lighthouse and ore docks, the woman's pin features the Edna G Tug Boat, her book features the John Beargreese Sled Dog race, Her hair features lamp-worked native flowers.
 Nancy Miller adding rocks to my ceramic crow tiles.
 Nancy Miller's ceramic leaves being painted
 Nancy's ceramic leaves after firing
 My glass cast leaves made from a graphite mold I carved.
 Fused glass Luna Moths I kiln fired.

 Graphite mold I carves to make the glass leaves with ceramic test.

 Cut steel for tree structure before rusting.
 Cut and shaped leaf elements before rusting.
 Pressing the fiddle-head ferns with my dad.
 Pressed fiddle-heads- still hot!
 Nancy Miller's glass/agate mosaics.
  Pressing the fiddle-head ferns with my dad and Nancy Miller

 Me rusting the frame parts.
 Detail of Lamp-worked flowers being added to the woman's hair.
 Finished piece installed at the Two Harbors Public Library.
 Placing the first element- the clouds.
 Details when installed.
 Nancy Miller attaching the stained glass part while I design the fiddle-head and leaf area.
 When completed.
 Lots of time spent on ladders.

 Working things out on my living room floor!
 Bending the steel leaves.
 Some lamp-worked flowers.
 Initial drawing - sketch for the woman.
 Very first concept sketch!
 My ceramic panels before the rocks were glued- working out ideas.
Woman while being painted and then shown completed.